Recipe: Mint Choc Ice Protein Smoothie

I just made this AMAZING protein smoothie and I had to share the recipe with you all. You won’t believe how yummy this is, especially as it only contains 260 calories.

It’s so quick and simple to make and is dairy free, refined sugar free and contains almost 25g of protein.

30g Dried, stoned dates
200ml Unsweetened almond milk
10g of Cacao powder
A scoop of unflavoured whey (I use this Pink Sun one)
1 drop of Holy Lama peppermint spice drops (this is my secret weapon!)
A big handful of ice cubes

Stick it in your blender and blend!

Nutritional Information
Calories 260
Fat 5.7g
Carbs 24.9g
Protein 24.8g

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